Siv's and John's Recipes

Recettes préférées de Siv et John

Some of our favorite recipes
Quelques-unes de nos recettes préférées

This is a list of things we often or sometimes cook -- or once cooked -- or would like to cook, or at least to eat.  The "complete" list is just to remind us of good things.  Not all the recipes are there.

C'est une liste de plats qu'on aime et qu'on fait des fois, ou qu'on a fait une fois... ou qu'on voudrait faire.  La liste "complète" est là pour rafraichir nos mémoires. Pas toutes les recettes sont là.

A word on units: When I translate a recipe from French, I always do it easily and assume that une cuillère à soupe, or soupspoon, is one Tablespoon (abbreviated Tbsp), and that one cuillère is one teaspoon (Tsp). The thing is that, in our kitchen, we have tablespoons and teaspoons from the USA to measure with. All other measures, though, we do in grams, liters or degrees Celsius, which we find much more practical than the benighted and confusing English/American system, but let's not go further into that... I will try to give such units in both systems, If I forget, just email me.

In any case, you have a great units translator on your computer. Just open your Internet browser (which you have already done in order to read this page), such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer (ugh), go to and type into the Google search box, e.g.:

180 degrees celsius in fahrenheit
190 grams in ounces

and voila! You'll notice that Google even guesses ahead at what you want, to simplify typing. This is not an ad for Google!

Latest additions!

Starters/hors d'oeuvres


Fish and sea-food/poissons et fruits de mer