Chicken Korma

Original recipe from Madhur Jaffrey, Simple Indian cookery.

This dish must be accompanied by Indian basmati rice.

quantity ingredient instruction
First, prepare the following...
1 bay leafDish A
2-3cardamom pods
1cinnamon stick
2-3 garlic cloves The original recipe calls for mixing these 3 up in a blender with a Tbsp or so of water. Lazier than thou, I have started just chopping them up and then wetting slightly with water. We like it crunchy. This is dish B.
1.5 cm (2/3 in.) fresh root ginger
25g (1 oz) flaked almonds
1onionChop finely. This is dish C.
1 tspground cumin  (Real cayenne pepper!) Adjust pepper according to taste. Dish D.
1 tsp ground coriander
tiny amountcayenne pepper
1 tsptomato pur�eNo need for a dish for this.
~300 g (a good half pound)chicken pieces Legs separated into thighs and drumsticks; breasts cut in two (For 2 people, we use 2 chicken filets.)
3 tsp or more, as you likesingle cream Cookable cream, such as French cr�me fraiche or American whipping cream
1/4 tspgaram masalaWe use about twice this, usually. Vary according to taste.
Finally, we are ready to start!
2-3 Tbspsolive oilHeat in pan, med-hi heat
Dish AAdd and stir for 10 seconds
Dish C (onions) Add onions and cook, stirring some, until transparent
Dish B (garlic/ginger/almond paste) FIRST reduce heat, then add paste and spices in dish D. Cook, stirring, 3-4 min.
The smell should be enchanting by now...
1/2 tsptomato pasteAdd and stir ~ 1 min
chicken piecesAt last (tho not last), we can add the chicken. Salt it.
cream, garam masala Add cream and garam masala. Cover and cook until chicken done (max 25 min)
Bon appetit.

A word on spices in Indian recipes. As explained in the original recipe, I prepare four dishes of spices. The original recipe is for 1.5kg (3 lbs) of chicken and 4 people. We could serve an army with that much chicken! We feed the two of us and have leftovers for lunch with only 300g at most -- 1/5th of the original recipe. If I divide the recipe by 5, that doesn't leave much, so I overdo the spices (except the chili) and we love it. In addition, I vary the amounts of spices every time I do it.

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