Tanzania photo-safari, Oct 2012

During our 10-day photo-safari in Tanzania in October 2012 , we visited three national parks -- including the famous and marvelous Serengeti -- and one conservation area -- the fascinating Ngorongoro Crater. This trip was certainly one of the highest points of our travels, very much thanks to our wonderful and knowledgeable guide and driver, Manny. There wasn't a bird he didn't know the name of! The scenery is stupendous and the animals wonderful. It is unbearably sad to think that, not only because of illegal killing of animals from vanity and greed but also because of the encroachment of "civilization" on their land, these wonders may one day soon not exist any more. So go see them while you can. We are certainly glad we did.


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Karatu market

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Ngiresi village

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Arusha again

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