Ngiresi village

On our last full day in Arusha, we visited the Ng'iresi Village, ten or so kilometers above Arusha on the slopes of Mount Meru.
On the way up to Ng'iresi Village on the slopes of Mount Meru The mountainside Our guide, Jonathan, outside the house of the mayor of Ng'iresi Village Women carrying branches -- oh, so gracefully -- down from the mountainside African poinsettia
Jonathan, Siv and a small friend from the village Path through the coffee and banana plantations; they mix the plants up together for agronomic reasons. Coffee beans on the hoof, so to speak A wee girl learning to balance a load on her head Small farm
Farm buildings This gentleman was very proud of his cow. Farm group, or boma Mother and child Siv always manages to be surrounded by children.
Three smiling children Banana bunch on a tree Look at the construction of that thing! Another mother and child, with Jonathan Two school kides in uniform
This smiling lady received us into her home. Inside her house Lovely clay colors with crepe myrtle Small group of houses Kid kidding
Siv was immediately volunteered by the geography and english teacher to take an english class for a few minutes. Among even this huge class, she is right at home. Saying goodbye to the English teacher and assistant headmaster, who said he had learned a lot in a short time. Coming back up the road to the mayor's house for lunch