Ngorongoro crater

Back across the magnificent Malanja Depression to a lodge on the very rim of the Ngorongoro Crater. The next day, we descended into the crater and spent the cloudy day touring it very enjoyably. But the next morning was sunny and we enjoyed much more not only the animals but the almost unearthly sceneery of the crater floor and walls. Leaving it to go back to Arusha was a melancholy moment for us.
Driving back across the incredible scenery of the Malanja Depression leading up to the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater The Malanja Depression Maasai with his stick Maasai boma Cloud shadows
Our first day in the crater, the weather was very cloudy. Three spotted hyenas Our only glimpse of rhinoceros ... from very far away Mr and Mrs Lion The same lion couple. He is showing a nasty wound, which Manny said he may well have received from her.
Lion couple coupling Hyena playing with an ostrich egg Grant's gazelles Grey-crowned crane Grey-crowned cranes and buffalo
Grey heron Another hippo pool next to a picnic site Probably some kind of heron Colorful Marsh weaver (maybe either compact or Ruffel's) Picnic site for breakfast
Wildebeest grazing near the crater wall Wildebeest procession Wildebeest beneath dramatic clouds Ngorongoro landscape Male ostrich in splendid landscape
Female ostrich doing her mating dance: "Come and get it, big fella!" Randy male ostrich doing his mating dance, flinging his head and neck from side to side Lake Magadi, a soda lake, releasing carbonate salts into the air The silly wildebeest pranced and cavorted. They even hopped for us! Hilarious. Who says wildebeest are boring?
Flamingos in the soda lake Very handsome Thomson's gazelle, or "Tommy" On the road leading out of the crater Sunset over Ngorongoro Crater The next day, the weather was beautiful as we descended into the crater.
Acacia trees Heading down into the crater Into the crater The flat crater floor A lady ostrich, whom Manny named Helen, and a male impala
Her beau, whom we named Herman Beautiful Ngorongoro grassland Large and noble Kori bustard Jackal Hyena
Blacksmith Lapwing Manny said this was a black stork. It looks very old. Entering the Lerai Forest Looks like an augur buzzard, but the legs are too long In the Lerai Forest
What happened to this tree? Defasssa waterbuck, with solid white rump patch Baboons have committees too. Mother and baby This one rode on top.
Why do elephants cross the road? Oh Trees on the shore of Lake Magadi Ngorongoro Crater wall Zebras grazing near the wall
Handsome (?) warthog Grant's gazelle Grant's gazelles in beautiful Ngorongoro landscape On the way out, who runs up to the car but Herman? Herman says, "Goodbye". (Sniff)
A last sighting, a serval in the distance On the road around the crater rim, a Maasai shepherd and his cows Last glimpses of Ngorongoro Crater The wonderful Ngorongoro Crater Last glimpses of Ngorongoro Crater