We landed at Kilimanjaro International Airport near Arusha, and spent the next two nights there. That way, we could visit Arusha and get a bit into the swing of actually being in Africa.
Across from the market, a line of tailors and tailoresses ply their treadle machines. They are better off than those in India; at least, they have shoes. The market is different from those in India, as there are lanes and shelves for goods, and not just cloths spread out on the ground for the goods and the vendors. But just as busy and as colorful. It is, however, annoying that most people do not want to have their pictures taken. All sorts of beans and pulses Emanuel took us to a real African restaurant where there was a large barbecue, the food served hot as you walk by. The barbecue is at the end, behind the man with the white scarf or towel around his neck. These schoolgirls did not at all mind being photographed -- with lovely jacaranda trees in the backgroun
Bougainvillea (by the hotel swimming pool)