Karatu market

We ate our box lunches (delicious) at Mto wa Mbo, then drove on up to Karatu. Our wonderful driver Manny had understood we like markets and there is a big one there once a month. We were lucky to be there on the day.
If there were no hills, the road would be straight as an arrow. Looking back over Lake Manyara from partially up the Rift Valley western wall The western wall of the Great Rift Valley. This far south, the eastern wall has been eroded away. Manny took us to a wonderful monthly market in Karatu. Livestock
Files of sandals made from old tire treads Taking a snooze in the shade of a ... truck Colorful garments on sale Earthen jars Siv chatting with a local outside a drinking tent
Cow-head stew; they use the whole animal. At one end of the market, people gather in tents to drink sugarcane beer. The Karatu market is fairly huge. Small dried fish for fritters Barbecue
Even a seamstress with a treadle sewing machine Cattle are for sale too. The O-K (K for Karatu) corral