India 2008 - Tour of Tamil Nadu

8 to 28 February 2008

This year, we left the northern India we had visited twice, in 2006 and 2007, and toured Tamil Nadu, the southeastern-most state of India, from 8 to 28 February. High points of the tour were temples and people.

The people in Tamil Nadu are extraordinarily happy and friendly. While it is usually easy to take good pictures of Indians -- It's enough to ask them first if you may and then they often pose nicely for you. -- in Tamil Nadu, people stopped us on the street and asked to be photographed. You'll see the happy results in these pages.

The temples of Tamil Nadu constituted the other chief interest of this tour. We saw at least 16 of them! And that is a conservative estimate, counting in one case a group of 5 temples as only one.

Before describing the tour, we suggest some generalities on Hindu temples, just to get that information in one place where we won't have to keep  repeating. So please go on to the discussion of Hindu temples.

After that, you can visit the pages for the various parts of our tour. Not only temples, but wonderful people were met in all of them.

Tamil Nadu

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The 16 temples: