Dakshina Chitra

Dakshina Chitra is an eco-museum or folk museum, rather like Skansen in Stockholm, but on a much smaller scale (for the moment). They have assembled here houses from all over southern India, especially Tamil Nadu and Kerala. There are also a number of craftspeople showing off their crafts, the results of which are of course for sale.

Chettinad House Chettinad House
Chettinad House, outside and inside
Crafts Street
Crafts on sale A village street

One street has different kinds of houses along the sides, with a crafts museum inside one of them.

Weaver Weavings
A weaver demonstraing his craft Beautiful hand-woven saris
Water pot game Water pot game
An interesting game, the idea being to break the vase while blindfolded. The "winner" gets dowsed with water from the broken vase.

There were several families -- or one really big one -- having a great time there, playing games together.

Aiyannar Shrine Syrian-Christian House from Kerala
An Aiyannar shrine Syrian-Christian House from Kerala

It makes for a pleasant stroll, mostly in the shade as well as a look at some of the local, non-official architecture. Thirty minutes after leaving Dakshina Chitra, we arrived in Mamallapuram.

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