Rishikesh is cute, full of hippy types and businesses trying to get their money, if they have any. Nice to see, though, with the temples along the Ganga -- which looks clean here.
The Ram Jhula is on of two pedestrian bridges (people, monkeys, cows and motorcycles only) across the Ganga at Rishikesh.  in14 021211550 j Huge ashram on northern side.  in14 021211561 j Lots of monkeys on the bridgs.  in14 021211592 j Shiva fountain on northern side of bridge.  in14 021212030 j The street on the northern side (like the one in the south) is a long string of shops and ashrams, mostly shops.  in14 021212090 j
Monkey, cow and even some people on the bridge.  in14 021212180 j White-water rafting on the Ganga below our hotel window.  in14 021215362 j Looking from our hotel towards Rishikesh and the hills behind it.  in14 021215372 j Ceremonial statue  in14 021215401 j RIshikesh, its Ganga, its hills...  in14 021215461 j
Ram Jhula bridge  in14 021217351 s Monkeys go everywhere.  in14 021217370 s The water here is cold.  in14 021217371 j And as the sun sets over Rishikesh...  in14 021217380 s Looking upstream, where we will drive tomorrow.  in14 021217390 j
Young monkey on bridge  in14 021217391 j