Road to Rishikesh

The 200-km drive from Delhi to Rishikesh took 7 hours! 'Nuf said.
The road from Delhi to Rishikesh currently wins our prize for worst we've traveled on. It took one hour to get out of Delhi. At the "border" of the next state, we spent 10 minutes warding off an aggressive beggar woman with a baby (hers?) on her arm, while our driver negotiated the tax. Here is a market street somewhere along the way.  in14 021112290 j Proud barber showing off his skills.  in14 021112301 j Indian taxi  in14 021112500 j The toll booth (péage) -- What is the life expectancy of this poor man in all that pollution?  in14 021113250 j We saw lots of farm produce and by-products being hauled around by various animals like this bull.  in14 021113390 j
An even larger load of sticks. These are the stalks of the sugar cane grown in this area. At ;east some will be burned to make candy, as we saw later.  in14 021114290 j Another bull, smaller load.  in14 021114591 j Sugar cane abounds north of Delhi  in14 021115071 j Our driver stopped at one of several small factories making candy.  in14 021115201 j Here is the low-tech tool for squeezing the juice out of the cane.  in14 021115231 j
The hot sugar mixture is spread out to dry and cut with some sort of instrument we did not see.  in14 021115211 j Stacked-up plates of sugary stuff. Actually, it is quite delicious.  in14 021115240 j Another bull and some more sticks and stalks. They don't worry about motorized traffic.  in14 021115310 j Those are shit-piles, not bee-hives. You don't want to mistake them.  in14 021115370 j Giant statue of Shiva on the edge of Haridwar.  in14 021117230 j