Drive to Devprayag

The drive up to where the Alaknanda and Baghirati rivers come together to form the Ganga was quite beautiful. And it as close as we will ever get to the source of the sacred river.
The road north up the Ganga starts out through the oddly-shaped hills.  in14 021310350 j a The narrow Ganga between steep slopes.  in14 021310401 s a How green is the Ganga here.  in14 021310551 s aaa Monkeys on the roadside.  in14 021311060 j A footbridge leading over to a small settlement.  in14 021311150 s aa
Carrying firewood  in14 021311381 s a Another footbridge leads to a campsite for summer vacationers.  in14 021311400 s a Steep (and not always protected) sides on the road.  in14 021311460 j Some terracing!  in14 021311510 j The road above, the Ganga below.  in14 021311590 j a
Swedish tourist on the roadside.  in14 021312161 j The Ganga is beautiful here.  in14 021312161 s aa Schoolgirls in uniform.  in14 021312410 j Himalayas in the distance.  in14 021312470 j aa Donkeys  arestill used for freight.  in14 021312590 j
The rushing Baghirati flows from the left into the calmer waters of the Alaknanda.  in14 021313300 s a Bathers at the junction of the two rivers, Alaknanda and Baghirati.  in14 021313260 j A school on the hillside above Devprayag.  in14 021313171 j Houses on the slope of Devprayag.  in14 021313180 j Decorated Indian truck  in14 021313310 j
Upper Devprayag  in14 021313321 s a Fluffed-up bird, but what is it?  in14 021313500 j-C Don't know where the road on the other side goes.  in14 021314230 s aa Looking back towards Devprayag and the Himalayas.  in14 021314300 j ab The roadside is so steep here that these buildings are supported on very high stilts.  in14 021314280 j rcaa
The stilted buildings from the street side.  in14 021314300 s aaa Concrete supports  in14 021314313 j Mountains in the afternoon haze.  in14 021314491 j a Driving the goats along the road.  in14 021314522 j Steep terraces they have here.  in14 021314550 j
That is the road we just came on...  in14 021314571 j Coming back to Rishikesh.  in14 021316081 j b Ram Jhula bridge and the Swarg Niwas ashram  in14 021316083 j aba Foggy in the morning  in14 021407481 j