Geysir and Gullfoss

Drove on through Geysir to Gulfoss, where our hotel was out in the nearby sticks. Great hotel. Spent three nights there and ate wonderfully!
Gullfoss ("Golden falls") is like an angled staircase with two big steps ... ... and numerous small ones. Gulfoss rainbow Mist from the Hvítá River's second plunge into a 32m-deep chasm Cliffs above the river
Morning in the hills next to our hotel, which was out in the middle of nowhere and that was just great! Full daylight Torrent near Geysir Geysir Hot Springs area lying against the red spot on the green mountain, with Strokkur in eruption Geysir geothermal field
The geyser Strokkur starting to erupt Strokkur taking off ... is14 083007433 j a ... and reaching for the sky The first time we saw Strokkur erupt, we were stupid enough to be downwind from it, so we got a hot shower. Siv retreated precipitously and stumbled over a rock and fell, but folks helped her up and no permanent harm was done. No camera broken, e.g.
Strokkur in full eruption Clear blue -- and scalding -- water of Blesi pool at Geysir Contrasting colors of another hot pool The original great geyser, Geysir, which has given  its name to geysers around the world, has been quiet since the 1950s Water starting to boil up in Strokkur
Then it swells up like some sort of organic growth... ... and gets bigger and bigger ... ... until it finally erupts. Waves spreading out from the central spout after eruption Afterwards, water rushes back into the relatively empty spout.
Once more, astounding colors The calm after the storm... One day, we drove north up gravelled route 35 to see Langjökull (glacier). Almost-mysterious light on the hills Gravelled route 35 leading north from Gullfoss
Looking east over an extraordinary landscape Beautiful clouds and light Bright green moss on the rocks Cloud cover Southern end of Langjökull where it forms the river we'll see later on, the water looking all white before it forms the big waterfall at Gullfoss
Langjökull's dirty-looking surface Light in the east Road to Skalpanes Slopes of Blafell near Skalpanes Curious pillow-looking hills at the foot of Blafell
Bridge across the glacial river Bridge across the glacial river The river flows on down to ... ... Gullfoss