This was a long day's drive, but fascinating, eastwards through the Þjórsárdalur (valley of the Þjórsár), then south to the coast and down to Vik. We went around Hekla, Iceland's iconic volcano, but never saw it because of the clouds.
Landscape near Gullfoss An auspicious rainbow Heading east as we enter the Þjórsárdalur, with uncertain weather ahead Cliffs looking like a cake Another one of Iceland's incredible landscapes
Hjálparfoss is interesting for its double falls and the rock formations around it. Amazing twisted basalt columns bear witness to tectonic forces. Siv looking down at the falls Our rented 4wd Hyundai was essential for the unpaved, potholed road to Stöng, where we saw this amazing landscape of (probably) false craters. More incredible colors...
Path from the car park to the ancient farm at Stöng, which was buried under ash when  Hekla erupted in 1104 Archaeological site of the Stöng farm Þjóðveldisbaerinn farmhouse, built on the plan of the house at Stäng Þjóðveldisbaerinn farmhouse is14 083113000 s ccc
The chief's bed closet Beds for everybody else Þjóðveldisbaerinn main hall Absolutly flat and desolate lava field along the road (recognizable almost only by the yellow road markers) in the Naefurholtsfjöll; remains left from eruptions of Hekla ("the queen of Icelandic volcanoes") - only brown and black colors. Incredible! Seljalandsfoss seen from fairly far off, along with some sister falls
Smaller fall to the north under a beautifully colored mountain Seljalandsfoss (60m high) Seljalandsfoss rainbow Smaller falls from cliffs along the roadside on the way towards Vík Grazing cows are seen only rather rarely; goats are more common.
Sunny road going on eastwards towards Vík