Drove up to Þingvellir (pronounced thing-vett-lur, stress on first syllable). It is the site not only of the original Icelandic parliament, the Alþing, but of great geological interest, as one can clearly see where the American and European tectonic plates are rifting apart. Only here and in the African RIft Valley does the rift rise above the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.
As soon as we got well outside of Reykjavik, we fell completely for Iceland's landscapes, of which this is one type. The colors of the hills and fields are astounding! Narrow part of the Almannagjá chasm The Almannagjá; visible in the background, at the flagpole is the ancient law rock, where chiefs of regions assembled to discuss matters of law 800 years ago = the world's oldest, still-running parliament. Huge basalt columns, like those imitated by the Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavik
Looking out over the rift The shield volcano, Skjaldbreiður (1060 m) The Almannagjá rift extends north for 7.7 km. Thingvatn Only place we have ever seen where you can pay for use of the toilets by credit card. And the view from the urinals is the best John has seen. 'Course, you do not have much privacy...
Rock wall near the waterfall. The roughly horizontal joints show well how numerous layers of lava were piled one on top of another. Öxará Falls Site of the anciend Icelandic parliament, the Alþing, much spoken of in Icelandic sagas Ropy pahoehoe lava Mountains near Bragabót
Mountains near Bragabót