We stayed in a sort of farming and vineyard estate 15km or so outside of Tomar, so we did not see a whole lot of the town itself, except at suppertime. We did visit the very impressive Convento de Cristo -- mostly in the rain. The castle had been a stronghold of the Order of the Temple, or Templars.
pt13 092812540 s  The construction of Tomar Castle, on a hill overlooking the town, was begun in 1160. pt13 092813070 s  Just as we arrived, it started raining for good. pt13 092813102 j  The courtyards with their pillars and blue tiles are pretty in the rain too. pt13 092813120 s  Lovely tiles behind a font
pt13 092813150 j  New sacristy pt13 092813250 j bc  Inside the charola (rotunda) pt13 092813283 j  Frescos and arches pt13 092813310 j  Unfortunately, the interior of the charola was closed off for renovation, so we did not see much of the inner part. As in all Templar churches, it is modeled on the Church of the Holy Sephulcre (Mosque of Omar) in Jerusalem.
pt13 092813350 j  The great cloister is, in its way, very colorful. pt13 092813371 j  Rain... pt13 092813420 j  Swedish tourist taking photo of ... pt13 092813422 s  ...American tourist taking photo of aforesaid Swedish tourist
pt13 092813440 j  Immense hallway of the main dormitory in the Convent of Christ pt13 092813580 j  Nave of the church, with charola in the circular part on the left pt13 092814000 j  The rope running along the facade of the church has both temporal (maritime conquest of the world) and religious (relier = bind together) significance. pt13 092814060 j ca  Window heavily decorated in Portugese Manueline style
pt13 092814060 s a  Austere but elegant interior pt13 092815020 j  Church and main cloister pt13 092815130 j  Looking through one cloister's columns to another's pt13 092815200 j  South portal
pt13 092815241 s a  As we were leaving, the sun came out. Of course. pt13 092815261 j  Siv heading for the exit pt13 092815313 j  Looking out over the town of Tomar pt13 092815322 j  Castle silhouette
pt13 092815451 j rc  Tomar Castle is prettiest from the south. pt13 092815560 j  Back at our lodging, the family dogs were waiting. pt13 092815570 j  Handsome doggy pt13 092816003 j  By an old pool, figs lying all over, waiting to be eaten
pt13 092816080 j  Our lodging was a practicing vineyard. pt13 092816100 j  Red berries pt13 092816111 j  The vineyard