Grutas de Mira de Aire

From Tomar, we visited the Grutas de Mira de Aire, a beautiful series of caverns with an elevator to bring us back up -- very important as we get older!
pt13 092713422 s  The lighting in the cave is generally very nicely done. pt13 092713460 j  Looking down into the first large cavern, with the staircase visible in bottom and lower left pt13 092713490 s  Stalactites on the walls pt13 092713510 s  A new stalagmite being formed
pt13 092713530 s  I suppose these are compared to organ pipes. pt13 092713551 j  Looking back up at the descending staircase which has apparently been constructed in the middle of the cavern. pt13 092714020 j  Oohing and aweing pt13 092714080 j  A leveler spot
pt13 092714090 j  The barriers on the edges of the path are not very high... pt13 092714100 s  Stalactites and pools pt13 092714110 j b2  Thin, spiny stalactites pt13 092714280 s  Hokey lighting at the end of the walk
pt13 092714340 j  A nice trilobite (about 25cm long) in the museum pt13 092716080 j  The weather towards the end of our trip turned cloudy and often rainy, as show by these clouds. pt13 092716081 j  Clear sky coming pt13 092716082 j  Clearing up