We drove from Tomar to Lisbao, where we spent three very enjoyable days -- in spite of the rather cool weather. Lisbao is a nice city and we will probably go back there.
pt13 093013490 j  In spite of the dreary, rainy weather, we took a cab up to the Castelo de São Jorge, from which the view over Lisboa is quite lovely. Here, we are looking towards the Rio Tejo (Tagus) and the Praça do Comércio, a large, open square. pt13 093013580 s  The square in the middle is probably the Praça da Figueira, seen through the mist and the rain. pt13 093014010 j  Cannon and the Praça do Comércio pt13 093014071 s  The central keep of the castelo
pt13 093014121 j  Swedish and Portugese beauties pt13 093014422 j  The central keep pt13 093014341 j  We had lunch at a cafe in the castelo and made a new friend. pt13 093015020 s  Narrow street descending the hill of the castelo
pt13 093015020 s aa pt13 093015121 j  View from Las Portas do Sol pt13 093015120 s a pt13 093015061 j  Monastery of São Vicente de Fora, seen through the mist from Las Portas do Sol
pt13 093015140 s aa r pt13 093015200 j  We took a street car down from the castelo and rode it all the way to the end station in the remote west of the city. There, we were lost. pt13 093015211 j  View from street car, going through the Baixa quarter, extending away from the Tejo at the Praça do Comércio pt13 100112510 j  Lisboa traffic, seen from our hotel room and not from a taxi, fortunately
pt13 100113200 j  We spent a couple hours looking at the wonderful art in the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, starting with the Egyptian room. pt13 100113322 s  Lovely mosque lamp pt13 100113481 j  Ghirlandaio, Portrait of a young woman pt13 100113531 j  Rembrandt, Portrait of an old man
pt13 100114010 s  Caffieri, Bust of Molière -- bursting with life pt13 100113510 s a pt13 100114121 j  Houdon, Diana pt13 100114241 j  Rodin, of course
pt13 100114350 s  Lalique, vase pt13 100116010 s  In the modern part of the museum pt13 100212441 j  We also took a cab out west to visit the Ethnological Museum. Unfortunately, they do not have enough exhibit space, so the majority of their collection is not viewable. Too bad. In any case, these African statues were wonderful. pt13 100212453 j  Pipe with figures from Angola
pt13 100212481 j  There was a special exhibit of animal puppets and masks from Mali. pt13 100212511 j  Animal heads pt13 100212550 s pt13 100213000 j  Big Bird?
pt13 100213192 j  A collection of pot lids illustrates various activieies, such as this one showing a recption ceremony with the local chief, his wives, a foreigner and his wife, a slave serving palm wind and maybe a dog or cat. pt13 100214100 j  And another street car pt13 100214072 j  We took the Ascensor da Bica (funiculaire, or cable car) up to the Bairro Alto, the high quarter. pt13 100214112 j  Looking back down the Ascensor da Bica
pt13 100214120 s a pt13 100214021 s a pt13 100214190 j  Praça de Luis de Camões, Chiado (Bairro Alto) pt13 093015310 s a
pt13 100214202 j  Statues of famous Portugese writers at Praça de Camões pt13 100214580 j  Cafes in the Largo do Chiado pt13 100214584 s  Statue of Fernando Pessoa in a cafe pt13 100312041 s  L'avendia da Liberdade
pt13 100312192 j  Steep narrow street near the Avenida da Liberdade pt13 100312280 s  Steep narrow street near the Avenida da Liberdade pt13 100312041 s a pt13 100312220 s cr a r a
pt13 100312280 s aaa pt13 100312150 s r a pt13 100312210 s aa pt13 100312282 s a
pt13 100312271 s a