Between Obidos and Tomar, we stopped for a couple hours to admire the immense Mosteiro de Santa Maria da Vitoria, better known as Batalha (Battle Abbey).
pt13 092612480 j  Mosteiro de Santa Maria da Vitoria is surrounded by a plaza, which in turn is surrounded by sidewalk restaurants and souvenir shops. Parking places are somewhat rarer... pt13 092612540 j  Spring flowers and gothic archtitecture pt13 092612570 s  Soaring columns pt13 092612580 j  Light from stained-glass windows decorates columns.
pt13 092612590 s  Wow! pt13 092613060 j acb  Nave pt13 092613180 s  Claustro Real (Royal Cloister) pt13 092613170 s  Tourist in passageway around the cloister
pt13 092613230 s  Same tourist, same cloister, different passageway pt13 092613221 j  Fountain pt13 092613340 j  Ornate columns pt13 092614260 j xcb  Entrance to the Capelas Imperfeitas (Unfinished Chapels) -- no roof
pt13 092614300 j  Inside the Capelas Imperfeitas pt13 092614321 j  In the Capelas Imperfeitas, Dom Duarte and his queen, Leonor of Aragon, hold hands even in death. pt13 092614420 j  Facade of the church pt13 092614450 j  Church, statue and tree