Home of Shiva Nataraja, the lord of the dance
Selling palm leaves on which to serve thalis (meals) West tower of Sabhanayaka Nataraja Temple Detail of west gopuram (tower) Some of the 108 figures of Indian classical dance
The east gopuram and entrance to inner courts Goats in the temple The Shivaganga Tank is one of the most beautiful we've seen The south gopuram
Ganesh and who? Chidambaram street Monkey in tree outside our hotel room Entering through the east gopuram
Shiva and Parvati Entrance to the inner courts - no photography from here on View of the inner temple roofs from the Shivaganga Tank Probably the eastern gopuram
Garlands for sale in the street Always a cow around Indian bus -- always full They have talkies in Chidambaram
Market street Market street Hag on billboard