A relatively small temple town at the foot of the sacred mountain Arunachala, symbol of Shiva as the god of fire
The sacred mountain Arunachala Two of many sellers of kitchenware Friendly youngsters Cow and marigolds
Pottery seller Green ones More friendly kids They break down too
Sunset Arunchaleshvara Temple, where Shiva asserted his power over Brahma and Vishnu by taking the form of a lingam (tower, in this sense) of fire Before the temple entrance Inside the first prakrama (court) with the thousand-pillared hall to the right
Approaching the next gopuram (gate tower) Colorful statuary The thousand-pillared hall A curious procession arrives
An interesting ritual starts with music and smiling at the baby Then each one gently poses his foot on the baby Looking back towards the east gopuram Inside the second prakrama
Reflecting tank Entrance to the next prakrama Closeup of the gopuram View into the third prakrama
Entrance to the holy of holies, from here on, no photography After the darshan (viewing of the god) Tourist Napping brahmins
The mighty south gopuram Oxcart in town