Gangaikondacholapuram and Darasuram

Two magnificent temples in small towns, almost in the countryside
The Brihadishwara Temple at Gangaikondacholapuram is almost out in the countryside Brihadishwara Temple Chiseling new stones for temple renovation Brihadishwara Temple with Nandi
Nandi and Simha-Kinaru (lion) A dog in the shade from Nandi One of the temple guardians... ... and the other
A friendly family Exterior of the mandapa and tower Androgynous Shiva, half-Shiva, half-Parvati Vishnu
Shiva Nataraja, king of the dance Palm tree and temple The tower Amman Shrine
Shiva Nataraja and Ganesh Side entrance to temple, with guardians, tourist and guide (Raja) The saint Chandesa, or the King Rajendra, receiving a floral victory garland from Shiva, accompanied by his seated wife Parvati Temple renovation
Simha-Kinaru (lion) Entrance to the mandapa (pillared hall) A market in a small town near Gangaikondacholapuram Bananas
Onions Chili peppers! Spices Dried fish
Crocodile on a sand bar Paradise Inn, for lunch Gopuram of the Airavateshwara Temple, a beautiful small temple in the village of Darasuram Dancers in Darasuram
Statues of black basalt from the Chola period (12th century) Reliefs in the mandapa (pillared hall) Parvati The whole mandapa is a wheeled chariot; note the elephant trunks as balustrades
Remains of painted wall View of the mandapa and tower inside the courtyard Ceiling of the mandapa Mandapa pillars and small worshipper
Atelier and store making and selling statues by the cire-perdu process A clay-wrapped statue waiting to cool and dry