Xania, or Hania, is quite a large city, but the old town, centered around the Venetian Harbor, is quite lovely -- and touristy.
Nice drive, mostly along the north coast, from Dalabelos to Hania, the former capital of Crete.  gr16 092312452 j rca Just arrived in Hania, wondering how to get to our hotel. It was down this street on the water's edge.  gr16 092315181 j View from our hotel window of the Venetian Harbor, the atmospheric and tourist capital.  gr16 092315230 j ab This former mosque is now used for exhibitions.  gr16 092516171 s-cr-a
The lighthouse is at the end of a jette which almost closes the harbor.  gr16 092317060 j Hanian tuxedo cat  gr16 092317070 j The Venetian harbor by night -- restaurants everywhere.  gr16 092319060 j The arsenal, behind our hotel  gr16 092412070 j
One of the two restaurants we loved, the Taverna Tamam, with tables in the "street".  gr16 092413020 j Uh, those are bottle openers... I think.  gr16 092413030 j A narrow and commercial street in the old town.  gr16 092413031 j A Cretan yellow cat  gr16 092413160 j
Beautiful color of the stones  gr16 092413402 j Our other favorite restaurant (for the evening), Portes -- highly recommended.  gr16 092413471 j The bay, the lighthouse and our hotel (red building on left)  gr16 092413540 j Wave breaking on the lighthouse base.  gr16 092413560 j
We were in a wonderfully situated hotel, ours was the balcony room.  gr16 092413570 j The Hania Archaeological Museum is in the 16th-century, Venetian San Francicso Church. In spite of being less awe-inspiring than museums in Iraklio or Athens, it contains some beautiful objects. The church had previously served as mosque, movie theater and German muntions depot.  gr16 092511120 j Beautifully decorated Minoan sarcophagus.  gr16 092511130 j Old amphora, amphoras, amphorae ... whatever  gr16 092511210 j
Beautiful mosaic  gr16 092511220 j 2acb Highly restored seated figurines  gr16 092511250 j ab A collection of both black-figure (n the back on the left) and red-figure pottery. The photographer seems to be holding one vase by its neck, she likes them so much.  gr16 092511281 j Another nice mosaic, maybe from Roman times  gr16 092511282 j ab
Drinking vessels?  gr16 092511320 j More beautiful geometric designs on this vase or pitcher  gr16 092511341 j Beautifully decorated ceramiic vessel  gr16 092511342 j a Decorated clay vase (pyxis) from a Minoan tomb, 1300-1250 BCE.  gr16 092511344 j
Bronze, probably Corinthian helmet, end 7th c. BCE  gr16 092511392 j Platea Athinagora, at the border of the old town and the new one.  gr16 092511481 j The Cretan House Folklore Museum contains reconstituted rooms from old Cretan houses.  gr16 092511510 j A kitchen in the Folklore Museum  gr16 092511530 j
A dining room  gr16 092511560 j Modern folkloric crocheted work  gr16 092512080 j Horse-drawn buggies for tourists looked like fun and an easy way of getting around, but we didn't try one.  gr16 092516260 s Evening falls over the Venetian Harbor.  gr16 092516060 s