The drive across the interior of the island, from the north shore to the south one, is quite lovely.
Driving from  Hania on the north coast to Zaros almost on the south, we stopped for lunch in Spili, but just stayed on road without venturing into the town, even thouogh it is supposed to be quite pretty.  gr16 092612250 s The monastery at Spili  gr16 092613452 s-res-cl2c Nerium at Spili  gr16 092613460 s The drive from Spili to the southern coast was another big surprise -- of splendid scenery.  gr16 092614021 j a
What did I say?  gr16 092614110 j Almost pure geology, but some small plants do survive.  gr16 092614120 s a Siv liked these "flowers".  gr16 092614140 s Farther south, there were olive groves in the valleys.  gr16 092614261 j
We were too impressed not to stop and take pictures.  gr16 092614263 j a Arriving in Zaros  gr16 092615140 s Approaching our hotel, out in the middle of olive groves.  gr16 092615240 j