Nida Plateau

Our host, Vassili, strongly recommended visiting the NIda Plateau, so we did. It's a rather strange place, a flat-bottomed valley surrounded by mountains. Quite beautiful.
Our host highly recommended a visit to the NIda Plateau, so we went there. The road east goes through some gorgeous scenery.  gr16 092110420 j The road also climbs up into the mountains.  gr16 092110501 j Those three mountains again.  gr16 092111480 j Geologic layers of rock  gr16 092111481 j
Our first view of the Nida Plateau as we approach from the north, the only paved road going into it.  gr16 092112102 j ab Flat, flat. The plateau is geologically interesting as it was formed by a geologic fault, followed by dissolving of carbonate rocks whose fragments were carried away through sinkholes and caves.  gr16 092112220 j Sheep wool left on the thorns, a good comb.  gr16 092112381 j Dried nettle  gr16 092112382 j
A little chapel on the way up the mountain side from the plateau  gr16 092112390 j a And there are the sheep which grow the wool which gets combed by the briar.  gr16 092112401 j The footpath up the mountain on the side of Mt Psiloritis, Crete's highest mountain.  gr16 092113470 j Looking back down the path roward the plateau.  gr16 092113481 s
Nida Plateau from the west  gr16 092113530 j 2ab SIv waiting in nature  gr16 092113580 j The Ideon Cave where, according to legend, Zeus was raised, although there is another cave competing for this honor.  gr16 092114081 s Makes you itch, doesn't it?  gr16 092114333 j
We encountered a brief traffic jam on the way back to Dalabelos.  gr16 092114400 j ab The road to and from the Nida Plateau makes many twists and turns, with abrupt changes in the landscape.  gr16 092114500 s Local goats  gr16 092114590 s What is this flower?  gr16 092115401 s