Only 10 or so km from Dalabelos, ELeftherna is an archaeological site with a good museum.
We began our visit to Elefthirna with a nice lunch outdoors in this taverna.  gr16 092013570 j The recently-opened Eleftherna Archaeological Museum  gr16 092015050 j Visible in the valley is the roof built over the site of the necropolis of Orthi Petra.  gr16 092015140 j Remains of a tower on the Acropolis  gr16 092015150 s
Path to the ruined tower of the Eleftherna Acropolis  gr16 092015310 s At the Acropolis of Eleftherna, a ruined tower  gr16 092015322 j A basin carved out of the rock  gr16 092015310 j Swedish tourist at the Acropolis of Eleftherna  gr16 092015340 j
View from the Acropolis toward the sea  gr16 092015390 j The mountains to the east are beautiful but arid.  gr16 092015231 s What is this flower?  gr16 092015392 s Ruins, probably from the Roman period  gr16 092015570 j
Old staircase  gr16 092016040 s-a Two columns remain half-standing among the ruins.  gr16 092016063 s-aaa