Day 4

Tuesday was devoted to the wonderful Archeological Museum and a visit to the Blue Mosque.
tk12 052911190 j  Hippodrome and obelisks tk12 052911220 j  Spiral column, from Delphi tk12 052911281 j  Interior garden of the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts tk12 052911370 j ac  Beautiful old doors
tk12 052911381 j a  Close-up of door handles tk12 052911410 j  Brass box, 12th-13th c. tk12 052911441 j ca  Window shutter,  12th-13th c. tk12 052911442 j  Close-up of shutter
tk12 052911481 s  Brass vase tk12 052911501 j r  Carpet fragment from Konya, 13-14th c. tk12 052911511 s  Prayer rug tk12 052911521 j rc  Carpet
tk12 052911530 j cb  17th c. carpet fragment with dragon motif tk12 052912160 s  Oriental furniture tk12 052912161 s a  Huge, dark-red carpet tk12 052912180 j b  Beautiful large hall with huge carpets
tk12 052912212 j rb  Garden carpet from Persia, 18th c. tk12 052912220 j  Close-up of garden carpet tk12 052912230 j rcb  Another huge garden carpet tk12 052912231 j  Close-up
tk12 052912270 s  Jeweled ivory belts, 16th c. tk12 052912330 s  Museum garden tk12 052912331 j  Museum garden skinny cat tk12 052912400 j  Real Turkish coffee in the garden
tk12 052913011 j  Hippodrome obelisk and minarets of Sultanahment Camii tk12 052913100 s  Inner court of Sultanahment Camii tk12 052913270 s  Park and Aya Sofia tk12 052913271 s a  Park and Aya Sofia