Day 5

In the morning, we went to visit the Suleimaniye Mosque and managed to get in this time. After that, lunch at our favorite restaurant (Kayıkçı) and off to the airport.
tk12 053010242 j a  Back of the Sultanahmet Camii tk12 053010290 j a  Garden side of Sultanahmet Camii with public works tk12 053010380 j  Royal mausoleums, beside Aya Sofia tk12 053010410 j  Inside one mausoleum
tk12 053010440 j  Mausoleum tk12 053010442 j  Incredible colors in a mausoleum tk12 053010471 j  Colored arches tk12 053010481 j  Mausoleum
tk12 053011501 j  Aqueduct built by Roman emperor Valens in 4th c. tk12 053012100 s  Interior of the S�leimaniye Camii, 16th c. tk12 053012091 s  Dome and arches tk12 053012151 j  Sitting tourist
tk12 053012113 j  Side arches tk12 053012350 s  Golden doors tk12 053012231 j  Golden doors tk12 053012490 j  Tombs outside mosque
tk12 053012501 j  Tombs and flowers tk12 053014361 s  The Kayıkçı Restaurant, near our hotel, became our cantine -- with delicious food and delightful waiters tk12 053013551 s  Inside the Kayıkçı Restaurant, the owner has painted the celings tk12 053013401 j  Ceiling painting, à la Michelangelo
tk12 053014320 j  Joyous équipe and owner of the Kayıkçı Restaurant