Day 3

In the morning, we went back to the Grand Bazar. In the afternoon, we visited the Basilica Cistern and John walked through a nearby street with well-restored wooden houses.
tk12 052813401 j  Meanwhile, back in the Grand Bazaar... tk12 052813280 j  Tourist at the Oriental Kiosque tk12 052813290 j  Zincirli Han, in the Grand Bazaar tk12 052813340 j rcb  Absolutely no prejudice is intended here; we like headscarves. Just never saw one worn with a baseball cap before.
tk12 052817451 s  Descending into the Basilica Cistern, where everything is cool and wet tk12 052817460 j  Columns of the Basilica Cistern, built by Justinian in 532 tk12 052817470 j  Some of the 336 columns of the Basilica Cistern tk12 052817470 s  Columns of the Basilica Cistern - with fish
tk12 052818010 j  Upside-down Medusa head, probably from an old temple tk12 052818030 s  Another Medusa head tk12 052818121 j a  Columns of the Basilica Cistern tk12 052818142 j  There's a cafe in it
tk12 052818280 j  Restored houses in street behind Aya Sofia tk12 052818282 j  Hilly street, level house tk12 052818283 j  Nicely restored wooden house tk12 052818310 j  Istanbul cat