Scotland 2006 - Part 5 

Northern Mull and the Ardnamurchan peninsula

Calgary beach
The name of Calgary was picked up by the Canadians - the city of Calgary, Alberta

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July 13 

Trip out west on Mull
Dervaig on our way to Calgary
View down towards Calgary beach from the hill up above - the sculpture walk

We are at the top of our little climb - sculpture in the style of Giacometti John sitting on another sculpture on our way back down

Back to Tobermory
First view of Tobermory on our return from Calgary The 'center' of Tobermory

View out over the harbor from the main street in Tobermory

Our last day on Mull

Digitalis en masse on a little walk out to the sea from the lunch restaurant below
View out to sea from the not so old Glengorm Castle at the end of our walk
Back to the very pleasant Glengorm Castle restaurant for lunch and cat loving. There is also an art exhibit inside, where our host in Tobermory had a gorgeous large acrylic painting displayed. Too many £ for us. View of river with myriads of water lilies on a walk in the afternoon

July 15

Taking the ferry from Mull to the Ardnamurchan peninsula (on our way to Skye)

John is waiting to go on board the ferry that will take us to Skye Goodbye to Tobermory and to Mull

Approaching the northern end of the sound of Mull with its guardian lighthouse
A picturesque old-time sailboat on the sound

A walled road leading out to Ardnamurchan lighthouse

Ardnamurchan lighthouse at Ardnamurchan Point
View from the top of the lighthouse,
152 steps in all 

View north from the Ardnamurchan lighthouse

'Swamp cotton flowers' (as we call them) on the way to Sanna Bay Sanna Bay on the north coast of Ardnamurchin towards the evening

The sun is close to setting, seen from Sonachan Hotel
a short distance to the east from the lighthouse

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