Malmo_Jan_20_2018 19/01—12/02/18

Exposition of Theater photos and an unforgattable dinner with my family
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Siv cuts the ribbon; Alice Stridh's daughter and one of Ea, Agneta & Britt, who work as voliunteers at the museum.
Photos of my mother, Magda Molin and Alice Stridh whose photos were in the second room.
Niece Kajsa , her daughter my gret niece Charlotta and Siv
John took a picture of the first wall on the left as you entered the first room, after the ribbon cutting.
An autographed photo of Anders de Wahl, clearlyy donated to the museum by its owneer and friend of de Wahl.
Bästa bilden -- Herr Markurell, the rich inn keeper, is bribing the faculty with a spledid luch in the faculty room on the day the oral exams are takling place…
My family, almosty all of them here, on our way from the museum to the restaurant 'Bistro Royal' in the former section of the Cenbtral station. Sara and Håkan…
is is as happy as can be, getting all her family together on this big day, even two of sister Gun's grandchildren.
My John surrounded by (the way he had planned it) my nieces Kajsa and Sara. My sister Lisbet is next to Sara.