Patan, which adjoins Kathmandu on the south, possesses a beautiful Durbar Square, an impressive Golden Temple and one of the most beautiful museums of Asiatic art we've seen.

After returning from our Everest flight and eating breakfast, we visited Patan. So we were already pretty tired and not quite capable of seeing all we would have liked to. We enjoyed it anyway, especially the museum (and its cafe).

Patan also has a Durbar Square -- and a beautiful one at that, more orderly laid out than the one in Khatmandu.

Patan, Durbar SquarePatan, Durbar Square
Durbar Square, south entranceDurbar Square, Krishna Mandir in center
Patan, Durbar SquarePatan, Durbar Square
Jagannarayan TempleElephants guard the Vishwanath Temple
Krishna MandirKrishna Mandir, in Patan's
Durbar Square.
Since Krishna is an avatar of Vishnu,
Vishnu's mount, the eagle Garuda,
is on the column in front of the temple.
This temple is in the notrtern Indian style,
with a sikhara tower.

After strolling through Durbar Square, we took a side street for several hundred meters, then turned right twice and reached the Kwa Bahal, or Hiranaya Varna, better known as the Suwarna Mahavira, or Golden Temple. In fact, it is a Buddhist monastery. It is beautiful and it well deserves its name.

Golden TempleGolden Temple
Interior court of the Golden Temple
Golden TempleGolden Temple
Mythical guardian beastElephants
Golden TempleGolden Temple
Inside the monasteryGolden statue
Golden TempleGolden Temple
Silver sculptureGolden Buddha with flower petals

Then we went to the beautiful Patan Museum. Everything about this museum is nice -- the building, the art on display and even the garden cafe. The museum, in the old Royal Palace, has been beautifully restored and the art displayed is beautiful. For more of it, see our gallery, startiing at this page.

Patan MuseumPatan Museum
Patan Museum (Royal Palace)
seen from Durbar Square
Patan Museum court; the cafe is
under the trees to the right
Patan MuseumPatan Museum

The Sun Dhoka, or Golden Gate, is the entrance to the Patan Museum in the old Royal Palace
Patan MuseumPatan Museum
Inside the Patan MuseumShakyamuni, the historical Buddha
(Nepal, 12th c.)

The afternoon was devoted to well-needed rest and recuperation. The next morning, we left Kathmandu and set out for Bakhtapur and Dhulikhel.

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