Facebook friends and fountains

We originally planned to go to Bangalore in order to see one of India's most modern cities and because it was one of the closest airports to Hampi and Badami, which we wanted to visit. After the trip was booked, though, we made some Facebook "friends" who live there and we were fortunate enough to meet them too -- a wonderful event! We all went together to see the Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain, which we would not otherwise have known about.

Colorfully lighted fountains at the Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain in Bangalore

Amina and Siv
Amina, John, Akram .. and Kaamran

Amina and son Kaamran at the Indira Gandhi
Musical Fountain Park
Amina in our hotel lobby - back from the park

In one day, we did not see a whole lot of Bengaluru, as it is now officially known. But John took a walk around the neighborhood near our hotel and it was, as usual, quite interesting. Bengaluru contains lots of different religious edifices of all sorts. From our hotel-room window, we could see at least one protestant church and several mosques.

Protestant church and mosques visible from hotel
Minaret of a nearby mosque

Street shop selling apparel for all
Government building

Huge decorated Nandi at the Bull Temple
Dodda Ganesha Temple

We spent a delightful evening with Amina and her family at the fountain. And the next morning, we met her brother. Such friendly, intelligent and enterprising people. After that, we set out in the car for Hampi, remembering only at the last minute (literally) that the hotel had not yet returned our passports after check-in -- something always to be careful about.

On to the road (worst we have ever seen) to Hampi or back to India 2009.