Temple sikhara

Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh, southwest of Varanasi, is one of the most astounding sites we have seen.  Here, from about 900 to about 1130, the kings of the Chandala dynasty built up to 85 temples, of which about 25 still exist in varying states of preservation.  In particular, a beatiful park has been installed around a group of ten well-restored temples . This is the so-called western group of temples.  In addition, to the east of Khajuraho Village, there are eastern and southern groups of temples, as well as some isolated temples scattered around the landscape.

The temples have been chosen as a United Nations World Heritage Center.

The temples are interesting because of their age (They were all built during a period of several centuries around the dae of construction of Notre Dame de Paris, for instance.), because of their architecture and because of the marvellous sculptures adorning their interior and exterior walls. In fact, each temple can be viewed as a sculptured mountain.

It is a pleasure to wander around in the beautiful park.  The price of an entry ticket entices one to spend a half day here. We did -- three times!

Vishvanatha Temple
The park (western group of temples) Vishvanatha Temple

Chitragupta Temple
Back three temples of the western group Chitragupta Temple

Kandariya-Mahadeva Temple Lakshmana Temple

The temples are amazingly beautiful and we had the good luck to be there when the bougainvillea was in full and colorful bloom.

Temple and tree
A tourist and bougainvillea Temple and nice tree

Javari Temple
An elephant in stone
Javari Temple (eastern group)

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