We went to Khajuraho partly because there is an airport there. But is was great to visit again.
Young boys playing cricket near the remains of the Chausath Yogini Temple at Khajuraho.  in14 020415400 j cb What is left of the Chausath Yogini Temple. It is actually elevated, but that cannot be seen in this shot.  in14 020415411 j Cells for the yogini (female attendants of the goddess Kali) at the 9th-c. Chausath Yogini Temple, probably the oldest at Khajuraho.  in14 020415421 j The stunning Kandariya-Mahadeva Temple, built 1025-1050, a hundred years before Nôtre-Dame-de-Paris.  in14 020415591 j rcb A small furry resident.  in14 020416091 j
Good to see they are still at it...  in14 020416170 j The Chitragupta Temple, at the corner of the beautiful grassy park, is dedicated to Surya, the sun god.  in14 020416200 j Chitragupta Temple  in14 020416220 j Mr Badri took John for a tour of some farther-flung temples, starting with "his favorite", the Vamana Temple (1050-1075).  in14 020516390 j They're doin' it here too.  in14 020517061 j
Vamana Temple sculptures.  in14 020517072 j Mr Badri in front of the Chaturbhuja Temple.  in14 020517190 j rcc Young girls on the "road" to the Bijamandala Temple.  in14 020517310 j bcc The Bijamandala Temple is little more than a mound with some foundations and lots of carved stones. Still, they are trying to keep people from stealing rocks to sell to private collectors.  in14 020517340 j It is not clear if these carved stones were ever used, as the temple apparently was never finished.  in14 020517351 j
The Parsvanath Temple (Jain).  in14 020609590 s Sculptures on the Parsvanath Temple.  in14 020610000 j The Adhinath Temple (Jain).  in14 020610031 s a American tourist at the Parsvanath Temple.  in14 020610041 s a Jain statue in one of the temples.  in14 020610081 s r a
The gorgeous and impressive Lakshmana Temple, in the western group, built 934-954.  in14 020611440 s a The Lakshamana Temple has the farthest-out sculptured orgy scenes.  in14 020415530 j The park of the western group with the Kandariya-Mahadeva, Mahadeva (small one in middle) and Devi Jagadamba Temples.  in14 020612040 s a The iconic image of Khajuraho -- from the Kandariya-Mahadeva Temple, one sees the Mahadeva, Devi Jagadamba and Chitragupta Temples.  sj14 020416140 3 aca