Orchha is a fascinating old place. It's small enough to walk to most of the monuments, of which it is loaded. Historic and atmospheric, with 17th-century and 16th-century temples still intact among many ruins. One wonders what is was like in its days of glory.
Street with young men in front of our hotel in Orchha, with Chaturbhuj Temple in the background.  in14 020115560 j Chaturbujh Temple  in14 020116231 j Over the dried-out Betwa River, the palace complex with the Raj Mahal.  in14 020211230 s a Evening sun lighting up the roofs of Raj Mahal and Jehangir Mahal.  in14 020116491 j 2b Dwelling in the river bed.  in14 020211220 s a
Be it ever so humble...  in14 020211232 j Jehangir Mahal was built in the 17th century.  in14 020211361 s aaa Inside the Jehangir Mahal  in14 020211490 j a Remains of blue tiles on the Jehangir Temple.  in14 020211523 j Tourist in the Jehangir Temple.  in14 020211570 s cr2 a
View from Jehangir Temple, with Chaturbhuj Temple (pointed spire), Ram Raja Temple (three domes) and Lakshmi Narayan Temple (on horizon in distance).  in14 020212010 j Mother and child in the temple.  in14 020212111 s a The imposing Chaturbhuj Temple.  in14 020212291 s a View of Raj Mahal from Chaturbhuj Temple.  in14 020212402 j Colorful crowd in the street.  in14 020212511 j
Chaturbhuj Temple in the setting sun.  in14 020116530 j The river runs wide by the abandoned palaces of the dead. People washing their clothes in it -- and maybe themselves.  in14 020211011 j cab Bridge over the Betwa.  in14 020211121 s r a The river here is full of boulders.  in14 020211130 s a Cenotaphs of the rulers of Orchha date from the 17th and 18th centuries.  in14 020216271 s
Vegetation growing in the towers should be cleaned before it weakens the buildings.  in14 020216281 j The chhatris of the cenotaphs of Orchha's rulers, near the river. An amazing complex of buildings, all dedicated to the dead.  in14 020210540 s a Four cenotaphs.  in14 020216291 s aa Parakeets  in14 020317511 j b Birds on a rock in the river.  in14 020216321 s a
Across the river, looking towards the Chaturbhuj Temple.  in14 020216450 s Cenotaphs at twilight.  in14 020216471 j b The rocks are a popular place for people to bathe.  in14 020216480 j The river with Raj Mahal and Jehangir Mahal in the background.  in14 020216481 j The Lakshmi Narayan Temple lies 1 km just outside Orchha.  in14 020310380 s a
Murals inside the Lakshmi Narayan Temple.  in14 020310451 s a This mural reminds us of the tales from the Arabian Nights, many of which came from India.  in14 020310500 s r a Jehangir Mahal, Raj Mahal and Chaturbhuj Temple seen from roof of Lakshmi Narayan Temple.  in14 020311120 j Dancers, maybe in religious ecstasy.  in14 020312021 j In the streets of Orchha.  in14 020312110 j
Making curd, maybe...  in14 020312120 s On the river rocks at sunset, lots of people gather.  in14 020317331 j Cenotaphs  in14 020317470 j