SIv and I and a new friend, Monique, took a putt-putt (autorickshaw) to Sarnath for the day to enjoy the Buddhist ruins as well as modern temples -- and to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.
Sarnath  The bodhi tree grown from a branch of a branch of the tree under which the Buddha first explained his doctrine. Sarnath  Colorful prayer flags Sarnath  Deer and the wheel of life Sarnath  The dying (or dead) Buddha, depicted on the interior wall of the Mulganda Kuti Vihar temple. Sarnath  In the same temple, a depiction of the forces of evil trying to disturb the meditating Buddha
Sarnath  Tourists before the Dhanekh Stupa Sarnath  Dhanekh Stupa Sarnath  Gold foil applied to the stupa by worshippers Sarnath  Gold foil (closeup) Sarnath  Ruins of old Buddhist monasteries
Sarnath  Siv and Monique at the Thai Temple Sarnath  Thai Temple Sarnath  Buddha statue in the Thai Temple Sarnath  John and Monique at the Chinese Temple Sarnath  Chinese Temple
Sarnath  Chinese Temple Sarnath  Dying (or dead) Buddha in the Japanese Temple Sarnath  Japanese Temple Sarnath  Vadja Vidra Institute, the new Tibetan Temple Sarnath  Interior of temple at Vadja Vidra Institute
Japanese Temple  Prayer and music Sarnath  Full prayer, with drums and horns Sarnath  Tourists at Vadja Vidra Institute