Varanasi is still a magic city, even if some of the boats are powered by motor now. And of course we visited various projects of the DISCC (Deva International Society for Child Care) with old and new friends from Deva-Europe and visited with our foster daughter, Sampa, and her mother, Vimla.
Varanasi  Morning at Assi Ghat Varanasi  Young, tired vegetable monger Varanasi  Sold for 2 rupees Varanasi  Wedding party Varanasi  Students with Vimla at Gangotri School
Varanasi  Siv and Gangotri students Varanasi  The Gangotri classroom Varanasi  Shacks along the Assi "River" in Nagwa Varanasi  Doms carrying a corpse to the cremation ghats Varanasi  View from balcony -- blue and tan
Varanasi  Sampa and her dog, Lili Varanasi  Vimla, Siv, Sampa and dog Varanasi  Beggar at the ghats Varanasi  Two ladies at the ghats Varanasi  Cow eating offerings
Varanasi  This young man wanted his picture taken with his family and Siv Varanasi  Leaving on a boat (a motor boat!) Varanasi  Tulsi Ghat and John's favorite observation post Varanasi  Panchakot House Varanasi  Vijayanagaram and Lali Ghats, with Swami Karapatri Ashram, and Kedar Ghat
Varanasi  Darbhanga Ghat Ahilyabai, Shitala, Dashashwamedh and Prayah Ghats ... and more  Ahilyabai, Shitala, Dashashwamedh and Prayah Ghats ... and more Varanasi  Bathers at Dashashwamedh Ghat Varanasi  Bathers at Dashashwamedh Ghat Varanasi  Goat eating garbage
Varanasi  Young worshippers, some with shaved heads Varanasi  A shack set up just above the ghat Varanasi  Geese! Varanasi  View towards the south Varanasi  Head shaving
Varanasi  Boats and people Varanasi  Worshipers at a small, portable shrine Varanasi  Crowds Varanasi  Ashore above Dashashwamedh Ghat Varanasi  A narrow gali
Varanasi  It was Shivaratri, a major holy day, and thousands of people were waiting patiently in the heat to visit the Vishwanath (Golden) Temple Varanasi  Young ladies in a gali Varanasi  A conch-shell band Varanasi  Long queues of people Varanasi  Dashashwamedh Road
Varanasi  Some sort of Hindu dancers Varanasi  Small shrines in the evening at Shivala Road Varanasi  Temples Varanasi  Temples and HUGE loudspeakers Varanasi  Pre-sunrise at Assi Ghat. For a description of the dawn ambience at the ghat, see John's blog at  Sunrise in Varanasi...please click here.
Varanasi  Suddenly, the sun is there above the horizon Varanasi  And now it makes an upside-down exclamation point with its own reflection in the waters of the Ganga Varanasi  Morning bathers Varanasi  Morning sun reflection Varanasi  Breakfast cooking at Assi Ghat
Varanasi  Dogs curled up together Varanasi  An early-morning swimmer Varanasi  Chotu at his vegetable stand with his wife and Siv Varanasi  How many Deva-Europe members can you get into a tuk-tuk? In the front, Jean-Max, the driver (rather essential...) and Marianne Varanasi  Looks llke 6! Siv, Xavier and Jean-Max
Varanasi  Deepika's school Varanasi  Our favorite intersection Varanasi  Young students Varanasi  Lungi shop Varanasi  An ashram and temple on Shivala Road
Varanasi  Vegetable mongers Varanasi  Cow asleep in the middle of Shivala Road Varanasi  Nice old house falling into ruin Varanasi  We took the small road to the right. Varanasi  Another neighborhood
Varanasi  Goat lunch Varanasi  Western tourists Varanasi  Real, honest-to-gosh wood workers preparing woodwork for a new hotel Varanasi  Lunchtime for a rickshaw wallah Varanasi  Above, curious stairs, laundry, and plaques in two languages commemorating something or other.
Varanasi  Our young, unrequested guide in front of a small mosque near the Maharaja's Palace and Panchakot House Varan  Gali Varanasi  Gali