The Minoan palace complex at Knossos, certainly one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world, was (re)built in 1500-1450 BCE.
The palace of Knossos, just south of Heraklion, was built on a hilltop but spills down over the sides.  gr16 091710390 s The West Court was perhaps a market or a gathering place.  gr16 091710450 j a The West Court  gr16 091710470 s Three beautiful  pithoi  (clay jars)  gr16 091710490 j a
Closeup of  pithoi  showing their decoration  gr16 091710511 s-a The west magazines, or storerooms  gr16 091710550 s a Olive trees on the hills east of Knossos  gr16 091710590 j View toward the northeast  gr16 091711020 j
A beautiful staircase leads ... nowhere.  gr16 091711101 s In the Central Court, people are lined up to view the throne room.  gr16 091711110 j-ab American tourist in Knossos  gr16 091711161 s Dolphin fresco in the Queen's Megaron (great hall)  gr16 091711200 j-ab
Knossos is surrounded on the  sides by a pine forest.  gr16 091711201 s Looking toward Evans's over-restored Charging-Bull Fresco  gr16 091711311 j a The throne, in the throne room -- where else?  gr16 091711390 j ab The throne room may have also been a kind of shrine.  gr16 091711392 j-ta
Griffin (a chimera between a lion and an eagle) on the wall of the throne room  gr16 091711400 j Looking up toward the southwest and the floor above the throne room  gr16 091711460 j-a Lovely columns reduced to stumps  gr16 091711470 s Looking back up past the charging-bull fresco  gr16 091711492 s-a
Knossos was built over a number of levels.  gr16 091711500 j Beautiful stairway near the north entrance  gr16 091711532 s rcab The Royal Road  gr16 091711560 s