Dalabelos Agrotourism, near Angeliana Village, is a lovely place to stay -- calm, beatiful, delicious food and charming hosts -- with live Cretan music.
This was about the only rain we saw on Crete, seen from our balcony at Dalabelos. We spent five nights there on the north coast, enjoying the gorgeous view, delicious food, nice dogs, charming host and live Cretan music.  gr16 092010220 j View from our balcony across olive groves toward the sea. Beautiful.  gr16 092108060 j Olive groves and the sea  gr16 092108070 j The recently-built swimming pool -- large and pleasant and usually deserted.  gr16 092110110 j
Dalabelos is built on several levels on a hillside.  gr16 092017001 j Relaxing at the pool and viewing the mountains to the east.  gr16 092017050 j ab The adorable Dalabelos dogs, Sara (the larger) and Max.  gr16 092217200 j The path to the pool  gr16 092217210 j
Some of the Dalabelos stone buildings  gr16 092217211 j Sara and Max again, in the restaurant -- very friendly and loveable  gr16 092221180 j A wonderful evening of Cretan music after dinner in the restaurant area.  gr16 092222320 j Vasillis, the owner, is also an excellent musician  gr16 092221390 j
One of Vassilis's musician friends  gr16 092221280 j Another musician friend of Vassilis  gr16 092221481 j The combined trio  gr16 092222041 j