The Temples of Karnak


Yes, temples in the plural. But the greatest and grandest part is the Temple of Amon, one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt.

Entrée du temple de Karnak Allée de béliers ... et chien
Avenue of ram-headed sphinxes and first pylon Rams and dog

It's fantastic! Reliefs everywhere -- and often very beautiful ones.  Lovely avenues of ram-headed sphinxes, enormous pylons, beautiful columns and statues. But the real miracle is the Great Hypostyle Hall. It's breath-taking, magnificent -- the most beautiful architectural structure we've seen since our visit to Khajuraho!

Grande salle hypostyle Grande salle hypostyle
The great hypostyle hall in the Temple of Amon
Entrée de la grande salle hypostyle Grande salle hypostyle

The walls are covered with an incredible number of reliefs of pharaohs and gods.

Reliefs Reliefs
Pharaoh kneeling before a god The multiple images of the carriers indicate that there are several of them superposed

One still sees traces of color above the level to which the sand rose during centuries. Karnak was under construction for 17 centuries! The pharaohs constructed for eternity. And we? 

Couleurs Colonnes
Original colors It's hard to see the colors on the columns

Egypt often makes us think of India -- there are too many similarities to avoid thinking of it and too many differences to say that they are two similar countries. One sees poverty and religion everywhere, but they are less noticeable here.

Vue de l'est

We leave the lineup of ram-headed sphinxes for another lineup...

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