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African buffalo herd on the bank of the Tarangire River, Tarangire National Park Herd of over one hundred buffalo in Tarangire landscape Buffalo and giraffe (see it?), Tarangire NP African buffalo, with yellow-billed oxpecker on his shoulder, Serengeti NP
Cheetah and her little one, Tarangire NP Just like any old cat... Cheetah slinking off towards prey Young cheetah, looking at you
Elephant herd in the bed of the Tarangire River Elephants, Serengeti NP Enjoying a water hole in the rain (!), Serengeti NP Giraffe, Tarangire NP
Giraffe (and yellow-billed oxpeckers), Serengeti N Hippos resting in a pool, Serengeti NP Retima Hippo Pool, Serengeti NP. Also a picnic area ... when the wind is in the right direction. This hippopotamus  in the Retima Pool is probably angry because another one disturbed his nap. Hippos do everything except eat in their pool. You do not want to be downwind from one...
Spotted hyena, Ngorongoro Crater Hyrax, northern Serengeti NP Black-backed jackal, Serengeti NP Leopard in rocks, Tarangire NP
Leopard taking a snooze in a tree, Serengeti NP Lioness and two cubs, Serengeti NP In Serengeti NP, in the rain, we saw a pride of 15 lions. On the left, 8... In the middle, 5 more...
On the right, 2 more, for a grand total of 15 lions. Banded mongoose, Tarangire NP Rhinoceros, Ngorongoro Crater Serval, Ngorongoro Crater
Warthog, just outside our lodge balcony in Tarangire NP Young warthogs, Serengeti NP Zebras, Tarangire NP Herd of zebras in the northern Serengeti
Zebras and wildebeest often roam together, the zebras guding the relatively badly-seeing beest; northern Serengeti NP