Bushbuck male, in Lake Manyara National Park Bushbuck female, Lake Manyara NP Dik-dik, outside our hotel, Serengeti NP Grant's and Thomson's gazelles, the latter with the black stripe on their sides, also smaller; Serengeti NP
Grant's gazelle, Ngorongoro Crater Thomson's gazelles, Serengeti NP Hartebeest, northern Serengeti NP Impalas at a water hole, Tarangire NP
Two male impalas engaged in social grooming -- licking; Serengeti NP Herd of impalas, northern Serengeti NP Why does an impala cross the road (in Serengeti NP)? Why does a whole herd of impalas cross the road? Klipspringer couple, with characteristic ear markings, northern Serengeti NP
Klipspringer couple standing, as it seems, on their toes Reedbuck, Serengeti NP Topi, Serengeti NP Topi, probably younger (lighter color), Serengeti NP
Common waterbuck, with white, semicircular stripes on the rump, Tarangire NP Defasssa waterbuck, with solid white rump patch, Nogorongoro Crater (Lerai Forest) Wildebeest on the northern Serengeti Plain Cavorting (hopping) wildebeest, Serengeti NP
Wildebeest and zebras are very often seen together; apparently, the zebra see much better than the beest Smallish herd of wildebeest (We saw one of around 200 beest), Ngorongoro Crater