Volubilis was a surprise. We never expected Roman ruins to be so beuatiful. The amazing Moroccan countryside contributed largely to the ruins' charm.
Fez to Volubilis  Lake on the drive from Fez to Volubilis Fez to Volubilis  Artificial lake and green hills between Fez and Volubilis Fez to Volubilis  Four storks in one tree Fez to Volubilis  Lady stork in the nest
Fez to Volubilis  Here comes Papa stork with a branch Fez to Volubilis  Then he flies off Fez to Volubilis  Stork on the wing Fez to Volubilis  The road winds among green fields and hills
Fez to Volubilis  Fields in a beautiful landscape Volubilis  Panorama of the site of Volubilis, established by Carthaginian traders around -300, annexed by the Roman Empire around +40 Volubilis  Triumphal arch and other ruins Volubilis  Volubilis, Capitol and Basilica
Volubilis  Golden flowers were blooming all over the site Volubilis  Orange ones, too Volubilis  Volubilis, Capitol and Basilica Volubilis  Siv at Volubilis
Volubilis  Stork's nest atop a Roman column Volubilis  Tourist in the Capitol with stork's nest on left-most column Volubilis  Basilica and stork's nest Volubilis  Roman mosaic of a fool, riding backwards on a donkey
Volubilis  Triumphal arch Volubilis  Ruins of Volubilis ma10 033113440 j a ma10 033113440 s a
ma10 033113520 j a Volubilis  Geometric mosaic Volubilis  This might be Diana bathing; then again, it might not Volubilis  Abduction of Hylus by nymphs, in the House of Venus
Volubilis  The basilica against the wonderful, green background setting Volubilis  Path among the ruins Moulay Idriss  The town of Moulay Idriss, home to the tomb of a saint (marabout) ma10 033114221 s a
ma10 033114290 s cr a Meknes  View of Meknes Meknes  Anybody wanna buy a rug? How about two? (We did...) Meknes  The mausoleum of Moulay Ismael in Meknes
Meknes  The mausoleum of Moulay Ismael in Meknes Meknes  The mausoleum of Moulay Ismael in Meknes