Fez is THE city in Morocco. Less touristy than Marrakesh, with climbing (or descending, depending...) narrow streets sans cars, kasbahs all over, souks and sounds, colors, smells and LIFE!
Fez  The Talaa-Seghira is a fairly steep street in the medina of Fez Fez  One of the sixty or so public fountains in the medina of Fez Fez  Loaded donkey Fez  Carpets for sale
Fez  The street descends towards the Kairaouine Mosque Fez  In the streets of the Fez Medina Fez  Nejjarine Place and fountain Fez  Beautiful table for sale in the souq
Fez  Les joueurs de cartes Fez  The Henna Souq no longer sells henna, but mostly ceramics Fez  Ladies apparel Fez  In the heart of the souq
Fez  The multi-colored panel restricts the height of entering beings -- no laden animals Fez  Minaret of the Kairaouine Mosque Fez  Next to the Kairaouine Mosque is what must be the narrowest street in the souq Fez  The court of the Kairaouine Mosque
Fez  The court of the Kairaouine Mosque Fez  Kairaouine Mosque Fez  Carpets sunning on the balconies in a fondouq (courtyard complex once used by caravans, now housing artisans) Fez  More carpets sunning
Fez  Siv likes donkey Fez  We especially liked the Place Seffarine for its light and calm Fez  The Place Seffarine is the metal workers' quarter Fez  Beautiful brass plates and other articles on sale at the Place Seffarine
Fez  Metal workers at Place Seffarine Fez  Tourist looking at dog in the Place Seffarine Fez  Gorgeous plaster work on a mosque wall Fez  This donkey looks tired, like he is leaning on the wall
Fez  Dyers at work  in  their vats Fez  The hills rise beyond Fez Fez  View from a terrace over the Chouwara tanneries; all the round things are dish antennas Fez  Riad aux 20 Jasmins
Fez  Seated tourists in the Riad aux 20 Jasmins Fez  Our room had windows over the interior court Fez  Ceiling of room in the Riad aux 20 Jasmins Fez  The Medersa Bou Inania may be visited outside of prayer times
Fez  Plaster work in the Medersa Bou Inania Fez  Near the Bab Boujloud Fez  Restaurant row near the Bab Boujloud (Boujloud Gate) - We suspect they share kitchens Fez  Tasty Moroccan bread
Fez  Fresh fruit and veggies Fez  All sorts of delicious dates Fez  The produce souq, near Bab Boujloud (Boujloud Gate) Fez  A street of the medina. Unlike to in India, one sees many more cats than dogs in Morocco.