Khajuraho Village

We also had an hour's tour of Khajuraho village, which most tourists probably never see.
Walking around Khajuraho Village, we visited a school.  in14 020610291 j A crowded classroom.  in14 020610311 s An impromptu English lesson ... from a Swede.  in14 020610352 j Street and water pump  in14 020610493 s a
Another water pump.  in14 020610512 s a Some walls are in need of repair.  in14 020610540 s a Wonder how long that roof will hold up. Wonder how long it has held up.  in14 020610550 j Another street, woman with water can and the omnipresent motorcycles -- like cars chez nous.  in14 020610580 j
Once a temple has been de-sacralized and the saint's soul has left, it can serve any purpose -- like this one-cow stable.  in14 020611050 s a Wood workers in their shop -- i.e., in the street.  in14 020611060 s a Small store and colorfully painted walls.  in14 020611081 s a Indians do like bright colors.  in14 020611190 s a
Another well, this one not too sanitary-looking.  in14 020611210 s a