Ken River Reserve

We took a half-day drive through the Ken River Reserve. Saw lots of animals (varieties of deer and birds), waterfalls and rocks.
Bats hanging from a tree in Khajuraho.  in14 020509201 j A colorful Indian Roller in flight. We saw one the first time we were in Khajuraho too.  in14 020509260 j Dwelling with motorcycle and boy on the road to the Ken Reserve.  in14 020509390 j Mountains in distance  in14 020509480 s
Lots of algae in river.  in14 020510011 s a Water birds  in14 020510020 j Pretty orange-headed bird  in14 020510033 j Chital (spotted deer)  in14 020510330 s abc
Langurs  in14 020510370 j Nice antlers on that chital.  in14 020510370 s ab Looking down towards the Ken River.  in14 020510410 s Another kind of deer.  in14 020510433 j ac
Pretty chital  in14 020510490 s ba Magnificent male chital  in14 020511010 s abc Gorgeous antlers  in14 020511021 s ab Mother and child  in14 020511340 s aa
Vulture  in14 020511110 s abc The croc is over there.  in14 020511222 j Crocodile -- on the other side of the river!  in14 020511180 s aa.jpg This area is a mass of rocks where the river seems to find its way wherever it can.  in14 020511460 j b
Big snake - probably a python.  in14 020511480 j Tourists by the rocks of the Ken River.  in14 020512021 j Wonderfully colored (and shaped) rocks.  in14 020512030 j Double waterfall  in14 020512082 j b
This water looks clean and it has carved a deep canyon out of the rock.  in14 020512092 s r aa Fall, stream and pool.  in14 020512101 j Mongoose  in14 020512470 j cb