On to Jojawar

Jojawar is a small town out in the middle of nowhere in between Jodhpur and Udaipur. It is a great place to get away from it all and enjoy the extaordinarily friendly local people.
Curious flowers along the roadside A hilltop temple, a typical pilgrimage site, probably approachable only on foot Looks like Hanuman-Land Court of the lovely Rawla Jojawar Heritage Hotel, where we spent three  very pleasant and comfortable days
In the street in front of the hotel, a wedding party went by. Siv photographing the festive wedding guests For some reason, the clarinettist singled John out for a mini-concert. In Indian weddings, it is tradition for the bridegroom to arrive on a decorated horse.
Street scene Aren't they pretty? And happy! The center of Jojawar Market in the center of town
Cow blissfully grazing behind shopping ladies in brightly-colored garb People in Jojawar don't see that many tourists and have not yet learned to mistrust us, so they are extraordinarily friendly. Witness this gleeful barber and his customers. Three relaxing gentlemen This tailor asked to be photographed with his family.
Another procession of some sort One family encountered in John's wanderings through the byways of Jojawar Happy kids Pink!
This was John's happiest encounter. These people were so friendly. Too bad we couldn't understand each other. Two handsome but slightly bored young men in magnificent Rajasthani turbans