We spent three whole days in Jodphur, taking in the wonderful hilltop fort and other sites.
View from our hotel of the huge Mehrangarh Fort Mehrangarh Fort dominates the entire city of Jodhpur. Royal residence at Mehrangarh Fort Mehrangarh Fort seen from the Sardar Market
Court of our hotel, the Krishna Prakesh Heritage Haveli, with Mehrenghar Fort on the rock in the background Madore, the capitol of the Rajput state of Marwar before it moved to Jodhpur, lies 9 km north of the latter. It contains lovely gardens, cenotaphs of deceased rulers and many langur monkies. Cenotaphs at Mandore Lily pond and cenotaphs
Cenotaphs reflected in a pond In addition to its beauty, the Mahamandir is somewhat isolated. John was the only tourist there when he visited with our driver. And he won't tell where it is... The beautiful Mahamandir is not mentioned in many guidebooks and it took a while to find, but it was well worth it. The pillars are gorgeous. The walls of the interior temple of the Mahamandir are decorated with paintings showing yoga postures.
Try that one! Clock tower and Mehrangahr Fort Gate to the Sardar Market Clock tower in the Sardar Market
Clock tower and market Bangles on sale Potatoes, onions and garlic -- enough for a meal! Fresh ginger
Busy commercial street near Sardar Market Siv photographing one of her favorite animals in a busy intersection near Sardar Market Cows! A byway in the market area
Facade of the royal apartments in the Mehrangahr Fort View of the clock tower in Sardar Market from Mehrangahr Fort The carved-marble jalis in the fort are extraordinarily varied and beautiful. A richly-decorated room in the palace of the Mehrangahr Fort
A richly-decorated room in the palace of the Mehrangahr Fort Siv at Mehrangahr Fort Royal apartments and the blue quarter of Jodhpur We were told the blue houses are those of Muslim families, but we wonder...
John manning the cannon Another richly-decorated room in Mehrangahr Fort A jali seen from the inside Daulat Khana Chowk in Mehrangahr Fort
The ruler's conference room in the fort Another courtyard in the fort, with flutist A lone, turbanned flutist