On the road

Shots driving the roads of Tamil Nadu, from town to town, past fields and through small villages populated with friendly people. Tamil Nadu is the "rice-basket" of India.
Rice paddies and palm trees Plowing a rice paddy with buffaloes Replanting rice plants The more affluent folks have machines to separate the rice
The less affluent ones use simpler, but perhaps equally effective, means Plowing with buffaloes Carrying produce on her head Working in the rice paddies
Our wonderful driver, Senthil, with Siv They really load their wagons Beautiful fields and mountains in the rice-basket of India, near Tiruvannamalai Replanting rice plants
They're actually overflowing that truck Roadside shrine to the Tamil god Ayyanar Fierce Ayyanar Schoolchildren doing calisthenics
Yes, we have bananas -- and they're good too There are lots of Christians in Tamil Nadu, even protestants Indian cotton field Hauling sugar cane
Cashew trees The distinguishing charateristic of Tamil Nadu roads is pot-holes A village in the shadow of a mighty banyan tree A bus makes a detour (!) around a Swedish photographer
Cheerful village kids These village children were really friendly and all wanted their pictures taken A roadside barber shop A chai (tea) shop
Itinerant cookware seller They really load up their carts Passing Sugar cane
Idols and poinsettias on the dashboard Village traffic More bullocks Another shrine to the Tamil god Ayyanar
Mango trees Friendly mango lovers Elephant Rock, north of Madurai Elephant Rock